Choosing the hardware that you want to compliment the interior & exterior doors of your home is like choosing the right accessory to accent your favorite outfit and should not be taken lightly! With hundreds of Hardware companies to choose from we have chosen what we feel are the best brands to provide top quality and a selection that has something for everyone no matter your budget or design taste!


Browse through Taymor, Schlage and Aurum, decide on the styles that interest you most and then come into our showroom and allow us to show you samples, help you choose the right finish and support you in your choice.

Taymor | Simcoe Door & Trim

Want to make a strong first impression? Want a traditional or crisp, modern and bold look? Taymor has what you are looking for. Their designs are redefining the Traditional Door Knob! Browse through some of the options Taymor has to offer.

Schlage Logo | Simcoe Door & Trim

Schlage offers many selections of Hardware, our choice design that we offer as an in stock item is the J Series Keyed and Privacy Solstice Series in the Satin Nickel Finish. Samples of other Schlage Designs as well as the J Series are available to view at our showroom.

Aurum Logo | Simcoe Door & Trim

Aurum offers Hardware Designs for anyone that is looking for something out of the ordinary from antique looking designs to sleek modern designs, whether you are looking for a statement piece for your interior or exterior hardware, specialty hinges or something different that stands out or blends in throughout your home they are all exquisite and worth browsing.

Some styles available in bifolds as well – contact sales desk for pricing & availability.

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